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The present times, catalogued as "the era of knowledge", consider human intelligence and intellectual resources as the most valuable assets of any company. This situation means that any inventions or any kind of information and knowledge, concerning technical processes or strategies, that a company has, must be protected from potential risks: the appropriation of knowledge by third parties and the revelation of knowledge by employees in rival firms.

Durán Cuevas offers services associated with preparing the registration of any kind of technical registration, as well as the contracting aspects required when protecting Know-How or Technology Transfer.

  • Drafting applications for Inventions
  • Prosecution 
  • Patentability Reports
  • Validity Reports
  • Violation Risk Reports
  • Reports Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • Reports of the State of the Art
  • Negotiation and Agreements on Industrial Property

Some of the most important kind of registration for inventions are as follows:



New inventions that imply an inventive step and possible industrial application. The scope of protection varies according to the type of registration:

  • National patent: the scope of protection extends to the national territory.
  • Regional Patent: in one step it is possible to protect an invention throughout the countries belonging to the Convention or International Treaty of interest.
  • International PCT Patent: offers greater coverage than the previous registration option, whereby the procedure can be initiated to protect an invention in the majority of  industrialised countries. Thereafter, the grating and issuing is prosecuted before each of the countries belonging to this Treaty.

Utility Models


These are smaller inventions, giving an object a new shape, structure or constitution resulting in some appreciable advantage for the manufacture or use thereof.