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Intellectual Property

To speak of Intellectual Property is to speak of culture, its creation, its distribution, and as a bridge between them, the culture market which, like the rest of the market, is based on the recognition of private property and freedom of business.

Intellectual Property, also known as Copyright, is the branch of Law that protects literary, artistic or scientific works. In this way, all original creations that are a product of human creative activity are the object of protection.

At Durán Cuevas we should process and manage your works at the Intellectual Property Registry of the coresponding country, so as to therefore provide basic and initial, informative and evidential protection against third parties. Moreover, we deal with contractual aspects regarding any of the parties involved in Intellectual Property works.

What can be protected?

Current legislation indicates that the following works, inter alia, can be an object of Intellectual Property:

  • Books, leaflets and forms.
  • Computer programs.
  • Musical compositions.
  • Drama plays and drama-musical plays.
  • Cinematographic and other audio-visual works.
  • Sculptures, paintings, drawings, comics.
  • Projects and plans for engineering or architectural works.
  • Photographic works.